About Proxizer

Proxizer is a service that quickly, and randomly redirects visitors to a new proxy server upon each visit.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server allows you to connect to websites anonymously by connecting threw a third party server. From the websites perspective (log files), only the proxy server is connecting to the site, and from your computers perspective, it's only connecting to the proxy server.

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A computer network service that allows clients to make indirect network connections to other network services.

How does Proxizer help me?

By using Proxizer you are randomly redirected to one of hundreds of different proxy servers in our database, each allowing you to connect to websites that may have previously not been available to you. Below are just a few reasons to use Proxizer:

  • ISP blocking websites
  • School or work blocking a website
  • Website is blocking you by IP address
  • Website is blocking certain proxy servers
  • Keep your network admin from detecting what sites you're visiting
  • Never overload any one proxy server, by randomly using different ones
  • Prevent admins from blocking any one proxy service

How is Proxizer better than proxy lists?

Unlike proxy lists, Proxizer gets you to a working proxy server quickly. No fuss about having to choose which proxy service. No picking one that is at the top of the list, only to find out it's currently being flooded with traffic.

Proxizer only adds well functioning proxy servers to our database, so that you don't have any choices to make. Instead, you get to the proxy service, and begin browsing the sites you want anonymously.

Proxizer, unlike proxy lists, will never accept payments to promote any proxy server. All proxy servers are generated, and you are randomly redirected to one upon each visit.

Why do you auto redirect me?

Auto redirection is the most efficient way for us to get you to a working proxy server. By using Proxizer's proxy server random redirection, you are quickly directed to one of the best working proxy available.

Why do random proxy servers matter?

There are two reasons why random proxy redirection surpasses proxy lists, and single proxy server sites:

  1. With random proxy redirection visitors are not constantly trying to use the same popular proxy server, which can overwhelm the proxy service, and cause slowdowns or even downtimes.

  2. As the proxy server you use is random, any logs that a network admin, or website admin sees, would not constantly display the same proxy server domain or proxy server IP address over, and over. This results in less likelyhood of any one proxy server being blocked by your network admin or the websites administrator.

Why so few proxies compared to proxy lists?

There are a few reasons why Proxizer prides itself in fewer, higher calibur proxy servers:

  1. Proxizer, unlike proxy lists only direct our users to the best of proxy sites. This means easy to see entry fields, fast, as well as few ads.

  2. We manually check domains to make sure they are working. We instigate no web algorithim that can be tricked.

How do I get my favorite proxy on Proxizer?

Proxizer has made a simple Proxy Submission page to allow our visitors to quickly add a new proxy server to our service.

Each submission is then put through testing to ensure it passes our standards before it is fully incorporated into proxy redirection rotation.

Why has my proxy submission been denied?

Proxizer takes every proxy server submission, and thoroughly checks it before adding it to our database of proxies we randomly redirect to. Below are just a few checklist items that submitted proxy servers must pass:

  • Is the proxy server quick?
  • Is the url field within the first screen upon visiting the proxy server?
  • Where is the proxy server located?
  • How many ads does the proxy server initiate, and how annoying are they?
  • What is the proxy server's Internet ranking?
  • How long has the proxy server existed?

We do our best to ensure that our users are only redirected to the most quality of proxy servers online.